Saturday , September 24 2022

They asked Prince Harry's wife "ruthless"


Britain.- Working in the royal family is considered a privilege in Britain and the vacant factory attracts endless candidates. So the odd thing is The assistant of Meghan Markle I gave up six months of impeccable work at the king 's wedding.

One source at the Daily Mail portal said, "It's a shocker. Stop work. It is so prestigious. "

Initially, a spokesman for the Kensington Palace refused to comment on the departure of this woman, Melissa, but with the exception of the anonymous source of the palace was authorized to "acknowledge" her work, but who reported.

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Melissa A very talented person. She has played a key role in the success of the royal wedding and is missed by everyone in the royal family. "This means that her work at the palace is wonderful and her departure is another reason, perhaps due to lack of understanding with Sussex Duchess .

Melissa, for example, had to deal with the painful marriage crisis when he learned that the agents of Susex were being rejected. Thom Markle attended Take your daughter to the altar a few days before marriage.

This information is published accurately by journalist Robert Jobson, who published a book called "Charles at 70". He is convinced that Kate Middleton is in conflict with Meghan. In the way he treats his employees. Of the palace. The Duchess of Cambridge repeatedly called upon former actresses to adjust their manners with the staff.

But Meghan's tricky character is not new, but it comes from his time as an actress in the Suits series. Former agent Nelthorpe-Cowne portrays her as a decisive woman who can succeed whatever it takes.

Said Gina. She was ruthless in her time.You need to be careful and have priority. She showed everything in her dealings with her colleagues, her clothes, schedule and "delicate" appearance, and dismissed her because she did not share her vision if the worker was not feeling well. Meghan says, "I want to move on."

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