Sunday , May 16 2021

These are the worst and best films of 2018 according to the Rolling Stone Society

The magazine Rolling Stone He presented his annual list of the finest and worst films of this 2018, where one of the & # 39; is the favorite Rome en Bohemian Rhapsody.

However, other tapes did not classify this list, to have a lot to replace, reason enough for the special critic Peter Travers it will list in & # 39; and let 10 minest movies.

In this list are the elections: Who the puppets dead?, he is considered to be "low enough to earn as the poorest movie leader of the New Year" and Venom, described as "a contamination of a dark anti-Marvel."

20 best films from 2018:

1 Rome

2 A star was born

3 Black Panther

4 The Favorite

5 BlacKkKlansman

6 As Beale Street could chat

7 First person

8 First Reformed

9. Eight message

10 Green Book

11 Vice

12 Burning

13 Widows

14 Spider-Man: in # Spider-vers

15 The rider

16 Hereditary

17th Cold War

18th The Ballade of Buster Scruggs

19th Bohemian Rhapsody

20 Do not you know my neighbor

10 minest movies from 2018:

1 Who the puppets dead?

2 Gotti

3 Life itself

4 Robin Hood

5 Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

6 De Meg

7 Red Sparrow

8 De Nun

9. Fifty Shades Freed

10 Venom

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