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These are the best video games of 2018, according to the team of Xataka Mexico

2018 was a very important year for us and therefore we decided to make some compilations of & # 39; best products from & # 39; a year. Our editorial team shared their opinions to decide on the best smartphones, TV series and movies we & # 39; re in & # 39; Enjoy the last 12 months.

Now it is the turn of video games where & # 39; t You can see the difference of taste when you & # 39; re checking. Every editor decided to name his favorite video games of the year, and also call a honorable name for that title we trust.

Rodrigo Garrido: God of War

God of the 2018 War

We start with the Big Boss, our editorial coordinator who & # 39; t calls love that it has for the franchise & nbsp; God of War & # 39;, his hobby is so big that his dog is called craters:

God of war is one of & # 39; a major risk Sony's name is & # 39; past years. A redirection from & # 39; s franchise that was lasted for six titles to target & # 39; the action, and time chosen for an easy story, in & # 39; together with a refined game and a striking visual sector.

God of the other is not just the best game of & # 39; e week, because it is bigger in one of its parts, but if it's quite nearly perfect.


As a fair expectation, he decided to go to Capcom's phenomenon that eventually reaches the next generation consoles, we talk about it. New & # 39; Monster Hunter & # 39;.

The Monster Hunter Saga has a solid base of users who found the foundation funds and used their friends to hunt an animal, or something nice. The formula had an overwhelming success on the Japanese brand, but could get the rest of & # 39; never conquer the world. The Monster Hunter World & # 39; however, has shown that a combination of this diverse game, with an easy technical paragraph and a film story, can also conquer the West.

I have always said that the favorite game is also determined how many hours you have invested. And the more than 250 hours investing in Monster Hunter World places it in the second place of my favorites this 2018.

Oscar Steve: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Nintendo Switch 323703

Steve, the "all-rounder" on the team, decided to return to Nintendo with the Switch and He first met love at first sight with & # 39; Smash Bros & # 39;:

The title to & # 39; most ambitious crossover in & # 39; a history & # 39; will not be for Avengers, but for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Minimal changes in gameplay, some settings in scenario & available characters, are all that is needed to change the classic into a final version.

The Nintendo sales clock may not be particularly attractive to new audiences, but it is not that the Smash Bros fan base is just small. The question that is currently harmless, but that will ultimately arise: what's next to the franchise to this?

Fifa 19 Wallpaper 1

Our friend is a person of simple taste and decides that his appeal is with FIFA & # 39; reached another level with the delivery of 2018:

For a number of years, it has been a growing demand that the renewal of the new editions of FIFA not only be anxious. Visual aspects and game modes have changed in every generation, but on a measurable basis, it has become increasingly difficult to target the copying of a new FIFA in a year.

FIFA 19 still has fewer changes in & # 39; performance & skill; a court, but alternatively applies alternatives to the classic game mode that puts a new army army out of the conventional game.

Customize rules, matches of three or five games for two players, games with elements that are ended by purpose, and even matches, where & # 39; it has just about anything, is part of the new FIFA offerings, that integrates & # 39; F distinguish the FIFA 19 from the previous version, as no other edition of the story has done.

Antonio Cahun: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


Without doubt, the friendly face of Xataka Mexico, he also decided to go to Nintendo after his hundreds of hours dedicated to Pokemon & # 39; in his youth. & # 39; Smash Bros & # 39; was the return trip in that time of "faul" that he decided to buy his Gamecube controls to play if he had to:

I have never been a video game, more than just a few Gears of Halo very sporadic. I was always more of Nintendo, with a N64 in my existence than the only console. The link meant for me the "definitive" return in the world of video games, and therefore two of & # 39; One of the most important Nintendo franchises is my "one-year" games, usually they are the reasons why I originally bought my console.

Smash Bros. Ultimate: Even before I knew about his official release, I was sure I would see it. Backgrounds are the teasing with old friends of youth, now online even, alongside new carriages, the arena is offered, both digitally and with the new characters and in real life, with my sister every day to watch me (and he realized it).

For things like more than the graphics, the game, the characters and so, is that Smash Bros. Ultimate is for me the game of the year.

Toñito is unique and decided in his honor to "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild". to place, title in which I dipped more than 100 hours. Unfortunately, after opening your heart, you tell it was a 2017 game, but we decided to save the following sentence that is worth it:

Then, with the switch and the chance to play a completely new Zelda, the decision was not that difficult to make. In contrast to Smash's, I have found memorabilia of my youth care with friends, BotW only raised mothers, complementing nostalgic experience.

Martin Pacheco: Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 creates the largest opening district in Xsnf

Rockstar is a studio that deserves its name and releases its titles at the time you think it's needed. Therefore, it took five long years to & # 39; Grand Theft Auto V & # 39; to see another new title and Red Dead Redemption 2 & # 39; could come with a revenge.

We see a true open open world, the plot placed us in 1899, where the Wild West is beginning and being our protagonist Arthur Morgan, a member of a band that is forced to flee the start with the hope of a new home and beginning. We are completely in the world of cowboys, where & # 39; we can do from basic forms and drinks & # 39; a canteen, until planning a train while we jump from our horse.

Every mission, speech or landscape is a completely different adventure, we will be the only one to play the rules of a title. Probably it is a show, in short one of these matches is you & # 39; t pick you up from the first moment.

Marvel Spider Man Ps4 318443

And for my honest regret, I have Spider-Man's exclusive adventure on PlayStation:

In the beginning it was not even comparable to the saga of Arkham & # 39; By Batman, when they showed their first time of the game, but with the time of time, we could see the hand of Insomniac Games, a studio perfectly matched to the personality of & # 39; a character An arbitrary game that broke the mouse and a red spider-man presented it to its fullest moment.

From start to finish fund a fun game with controls that use very easy, but you & # 39; re able to reach higher points. Without a doubt, it is a title that ushered in from the outset to complete it in total for the various collectibles and with a "simple" platinum trophy to get around no more than 40 hours.

What were the most enjoyed matches in 2018?

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