Saturday , June 3 2023

The wife of Jorge Valdivia questioned the continuity of Colo Colo.


Colocollo It was a very irregular year. In the first half, they looked good at the 2018 Scotiabank Championship, River Tador Cup, They were eliminated in the quarter-finals. Palmeiras.

One of the top players in the tournament's & # 39; popular & # 39; Jorge Valdivia. The & # 39; wizard & # 39; was physically healthy and essential to game development and recovery.. But in the second part of the year, his level fell a bit like the rest of the team, and he could not direct the coveted rebound.

Nevertheless, it is still one of the most common & # 39; Cacique & # 39; The continuity was not questionable.. The board meeting will define the campus for the 2019 season, and the steering wheel serves as the basis for some teams.

But, Daniela Aranjuez, The athlete's wife questioned the continuity of the & # 39; wizard & # 39; The woman said she stopped talking to TVN's Visual Good Morning about her future on television and said it all depends on what happens with her husband.

"I still do not know what is happening with Jorge's contract.If he stays in Chile, And the channel will give me an opportunity to continue in the morning and be happy, "Aránguiz said.

It's clear that there is a team that closely monitors performance, although it is not yet known whether or not there are any offers available to the players. He signed a contract by December 2019, but a high salary could be one cause when he could not reach an agreement with Blanco y Negro.. If the magic team does not qualify for the Copa Sudamericana, it can get worse.

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