Wednesday , January 27 2021

The US Army uses eSports to facilitate recruitment.

Modern people have influenced military service in countries like the United States, have captured young audiences and have not reached the goal of enlistment until this year. That's why they are looking for ways to attract volunteers who are willing to fight in their hometowns, and the US Army has decided to go to electronic sports to add their battalion.

To achieve this, the army has formed a military team to compete in eSports. Fortnite, Overwatch, League of Legends, Madden And Call of dutyAccording to independent newspapers stars and stripes.

The media reports that troops are interested in soldiers representing US military brands in competitions, tournaments and other related events. It is a way to broaden your reach and get in touch with young players who are interested and are eligible to join the service in your country.

The online form allows you to provide the candidate with the necessary information about his / her favorite video game. But those who are interested should pass a test to determine if they have what they need to play on a professional level. Only US Army soldiers are allowed to participate in the activity and may be denied due to negligence of civilians, members of other armies or the National Guard.

To increase this initiative, the eSports University team will compete with the adaptation trailer and will be mobilized to tractomulas to travel to other campuses.

Source: Stars and Stripes

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