Friday , April 23 2021

the "ugliest" body of a world has distinguished a change of image to remember

In 2018, "Choclín" was cataloged by many as "the ugliest corporal in the world". It should not be easy to go and live with that qualification. "Choclo bumblebee", they called him on the street.

Everything is part of a joke of Hualqui's International Choclo Festival, which shows a video that the "drama" has lived on "Choclin".

After listening to the voice of God, the corpus was renamed and preserved in a change of image so that it no longer taught itself.

"New Face, New Body, New Look" was the promise they made in Hualqui to visit the pub to watch the festival and see the updated "Choclín".

This is how it looks now:

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