Monday , June 14 2021

The selected Nicolás Díaz had to make calls, after trying to "starve" the player of Venezuela.

Next to the lack of Venezuela's defeat at & # 39; The second day of South American sub 20 was also the Chile national team in & # 39; a flight for in offensive action carried out by the defense Nicolás Díaz. Ending the game and the Red was already 2 to 1 against the Llaneros, the defender had a confrontation with his rival Pablo Bonilla and treated him as "starve".

The action from & # 39; s player from Chile, to the time they live in Venezuela, brought the widespread rejection and the Venezuelan and Latin medical media have not said to echo the situation and she called it "shame". Many people even asked that the Conmebol be active to earn the player after the debt he gave to his colleague.

By thinking of the turret being created by his deed, Nicolás Díaz went out to represent his publication by his Instagram account and wrote: "I want to tell everyone that what I said in the game I do not really feel. Me and my family have many Venezuelan friends and I respect many people who are in Chile to work and live a good life ".

"Yes I answered when I answered, to use Bonilla with what is not repetitive when I fell on that game, and in the name of the moment, things are & # 39; t & # 39; a court suit. I hope you will see soon Venezuela campus in the stadium to greet and limit this misunderstanding"added

Then he quit: "Now to work to fight further for a place in a hexagonal. I am very sorry for all the threats I got, that my family, my brother and my girlfriend got. I made a mistake for things that do not fit into a court and hopefully everything will soon be decided ".

After that, the player published a controversial letter from & # 39; a player that & # 39; t & # 39; a website from the ANFP was distributed and where, among other things, "I responded to travel to Pablo Bonilla, and in no case have I decided on the people of Venezuela" destroy, like millions of silanes, I was happy to share with people who came from Venezuela to Chile and I realized their human quality ".

An action that doesn & # 39; t trigger and that will cause Nicolás Díaz to be consistent with that & # 39; s, besides the possible internal penalties for his attitude forbidden by the Conmebol.

Open letter from Nicolás Díaz

By this letter I want to express my sincere sworn for my despising way for Pablo Bonilla and the Venezuelan people in the & # 39; a match between Chile and Venezuela for the South American sub20.

I am aware of the long history of friendship between Venezuela and Chile. For many years, tigers have emigrated from Chile and received care and fraternity. All references that I & # 39; ve found from compatriots there & # 39; are extremely positive and they account for a beautiful country, there & # 39; I never tried to get my word.

I trust my response to Pablo Bonilla. In no case was my intention to destroy or withdraw the Venezuelan population. Like millions of silos, I have the good fortune to share with people who have come from Venezuela to Chile and have realized their human quality.

Without a doubt, this sad experience will serve me in a career as an athlete. The football player has a large public responsibility. There are millions of people who & # 39; ll see in this activity the reflection of values ​​such as camaraderie, respect and, especially, fair play.

"Things that don't fit into a court, stay on a court" is a signal that is regularly used in this activity, but doesn't focus on responsibility and representatives as astonishment as the one you started. I am convinced that football is much more than this. My behavior as a professional athlete and public person must always be much more than this.

I ask Pablo Bonilla, Professor Rafael Dudamel and his entire team, after the Venezuelan football association, the Venezuelan people, to the entire Venezuelan community that lives in Chile and, of course, to everyone else & # 39; I feel my words.

The next day we meet at the El Teniente Stadium, I hope I personally deliver my most guilty persons.

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