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The repressive face of # state in # e Legua Emergencia "Diario y Radio U Chile

In the middle of questions about the role of & # 39; Carabineros, as well as autonomy against civilian violence, are thousands of residents of # 39; The Legua Emergencia daily daily violence and police museum. Rhymes, illegal controls and envy of power that permeates human rights are part of the daily landscape of workers, children and people who have nothing to do with the criminal world.

Sunday, December 9, 2018 16:51 o'clock.


Six years have been launched since the Intervention Plan in the Emergency Legislation. A state that has not been effective at that time on the involvement of violence and drug trade when it was raised from the beginning.

Moreover, the measure, which contains all governments of 2001, has only increased and removes a pattern of violence that does not exclusively exclude criminal tides, but also as many actors in ' people recognize, from police.

This is in the annual report of # 39; Human Rights of Diego Portales University in 2017, where # 39 in the sixth chapter reductions in & # 39; Control of police actions: The case of police force in La Legua population has been category called "A plan based on police services has not proven that the problem can be solved that motivated the intervention in youth."

In addition, it is advised that "if the idea of ​​safeguarding a safety plan in La Legua's population remains, it must respond to clear goals, with the participation of the residents of the sector in & # 39; the definition, as well as a surrender, being imperative of periodic accounts of 'results'.

The truth is so far not clear that the surveillance and supervision of these settings carry the power in the name of # 39; use the state. Since 2006, they have the Commission for Defense and Promotion of Laws of # 39; the human rights of # 39; a legume of & nbsp; & quot; a legume of & quot; the honor of carabineros.


The President of the United States, Paulo Álvarez, states that "Carabineros is active in the most despotic way you can imagine (…) it's so great, it's such a crime To do that, we think that these people are totally dull, I do not think in the last month, for example, that there was a day without culling, and the presence of Carabineros is 24 hours a day. "

The neighbor of Legua details that the culls, irregular strokes, arbitrary behavioral controls, physical and psychological violence force people who have nothing to do with crime situations are the daily bread.

"There is a pattern of violence against a police officer who speaks of raads who have nothing to do with the facts that are clear, we talk about identity control humorous, humiliating for people with climbs on the street and calling to women and rioting, a lot of raids of the police and the police if they want, if they like them, they come home Money was stolen from people. We had only ten accusations of war in the year.

The last of these actions took place on November 12, where – according to people there were – Carabineros troops, in the middle of a persecution, in # 39; the house of a family, and after the resignation of colonists let them come without a warrant, they would have to make pepper spray and make no distinction to the members of the same, including a 7-year-old girl and a pregnant woman.

Katia Tudela, doctor of the Lego Bureau, tells how she lived the hours after this event. It ensures that it is a great violence that the day of the day of # 39; the day is over. "You're trying to do a lot of things, but you're talking about one step and three," he says.

"The same day of raid we were working and they counted as the first center of attention to us (…) but after (first) you think about how it was the woman that it At home, knowing that Carabineros comes to your house and breaks out, breaks the door, makes your daughter and stops her prisoner with your daughter partner who has not been so much upset on the heart how to get gas In the face of the people, you think about how the children see this situation, the older adults who are not involved and what the level of violence to live. "

The police operation left a young footballer of 22 years in hand. Quinny Jeréz, according to the narrative story, was intimidated and represented, without freedom, for an attack on Carabineros, he claims he did not.

In conversation with this medium, his sister Vanessa told her turn and impediment in the fact that she had calmed down her family.

"As family we represented, we went to Piñera and Chadwick and posters we went and we complained about Chadwick with my sister saying that she was a criminal without knowing, without his to see the background. This process is frightening, frightening, it's a nightmare we just want to rouse. "

Carabineros denied the aggression that lend by both the pregnant woman and the less. They ensure that these practices are not in their protocols and that the young woman in the house was taken to monitor injuries so that only the background of # the procedure for the Public Ministry was made available.


A long history of violence

In 2015 there were two cases that respected this description and were announced by the Human Rights Committee of La Legua. One of them was the subject of an appeal against the Carabineros offered to carry out a search of a home without having the court license. In unanimous decision, the Lower House of the Supreme Court accepts the preliminary action.

In & rule, it has determined that & # 39; The house was blocked by the policeman, which is demonstration of # 39; The existence of an indiscriminate action affirmed, with violence, personal freedom and individual security, without which Carabineros the Chile has given a satisfactory and coherent explanation of its motivation to enter the property, not reported in & # 39; the official letter N 150 of January 7, 2015, registering property and getting money, none of the public prosecutor's knowledge, such as information can be viewed by the regional president on page 44 ".

There are several similar events that have occurred in recent years, according to neighbors of # 39; e Legua. One of them, came in September 2017 where police officers break into a house of a village of initials. After they break the door of their home, they would have the inhabitants with threats and injuries, all for two children under 2 and 9 years. Later, they would have money needed to keep the family safe and they would have signed a statement saying that the quality of the quality is less than the money that has been ratified.

Some 4,000 residents now live in "Sector known as" Legua Emergencia. " A very stigmatized area that, from its origin, is highlighted by social marginalization and the exclusion of its inhabitants.

But the sympathetic Santiago population also has a history that is linked to social mobilization and the war of war on civilian military dictatorship. A characteristic that little is relieved by one of the one's delicate action has not been regressed, and on the other hand the violence by the hand of # 39; the state by the police.

For Paulo Álvarez, "drug addiction does not operate the state. It does in a concrete, fraternal, solid, direct and effective way, or what the State can do, is characterized by a punitive relationship with space."

In this scenario, La Legua's farmers say, "The poorest, simple, laborers are left in the middle, without defensiveness and that leads to collective turmoil, social benefit and contempt, in a place that was historically characterized a link with utopia. Only this plot, wounding what already exists in the dictatorship.

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