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The budget cutbacks of the health system, the brutal adaptation in the area of ​​science and technology and a federalism policy consisting in transferring responsibilities to non-matching provinces, create a package of measures implemented by the government that health scientists, researchers and specialists, who they discussed with PáginaI12, are closely associated with the outbreak of hantavirus that crosses the city of Epuyén, in one of Chubut's provinces. In addition to the economic scale, which prevents the foreign warning from failing due to the lack of funding of prevention and control program – as reported by this newspaper on January 15 – criticized the lack of the downgraded ministry of health to empty the situation that has left an isolated population and a province in the hands of & # 39; The urge of a tourist sector.

"If it happened in all scientific areas, in these years, the budgets were reduced and the matches were sub-executed. The subsidies to be investigated are not attainable and we need to create a devaluation that is not destructive to the scientific system ", said biologist and Conicet researcher Juan Manuel Carballeda, a virological specialist, dedicated to the research of Dengue and Zika.

"In particular, what happened in Chubut's hanta was bad to read. To determine which type of violin is going down, it is necessary to study epidemic studies of nails These studies were not done in the way they were done, due to budget and logistical deficiencies, but rather over the popular ecology of the roots were only done the year, they are long studies, you have to do a lot set traps, see what nails are falling, and then analyze them to see if they have a real blow – studying the population mine of these types makes it possible to assess the risk & # 39; said the virologist, "reducing that & # 39; the cuts affect the entire scientific spectrum and if there are troubled issues such as the hanta, it will look more." Carballeda, that's also the Network of Scientific Researchers & Nbsp; & nbsp; health integration, replies that "the land is an endemic zone, and therefore is It needs to do permanent studies, in all seasons of the year ".

The director of Konicet and head of Sociology of Social (UBA), Mario Pecheny, stated that there is a reduction in both budget and execution of & quot; articles & quot; and the political will of & # 39; a government to enter. "The political determination of situation in the hands of & # 39; s provinces is part of a way of thinking about policy that is what they represent.

for the state and not thinking about them as public policy in the medium and long term. If you do not conduct epidemiological surveillance or campaigns with the population, then this can be the case with & quot; hanta, but it can be things or flooding. "" There is an exclusion from a province to lower research by reducing funds, not to execute from & # 39; available and decreasing human resources. And now the hanta is awkward because no healing has been discovered, and that science does, "he said.

On this path of & # 39; state a state, researcher Superior del Conicet and director of the Center for Pharmacological and Botanical Studies, Ana Maria Franchi, focused on strengthening & # 39; health and science, technology and productive innovation (created in December 2007) "Whose consequence is that there are programs & # 39; s you & # 39; t start to disappear". "This year, for example, the subject of vacancy is not taken care of," he warned.

We need to think that the Health Portfolio, including programs like HIV / AIDS last year, save the national program of vaccination and delivery of medicines and boost youth and girls & # 39; removed a calendar calendar. 11 years of & # 39; application for meningitis.

"The feeling is that the health of the population is always diminishing. The born youth is made worse by the high cost of food and the disaster of salary, and by the short term we see the influence of stress on people who have lost their jobs, and the health ministry has changed from all discussions, as it was with the hantavirus. "

On the other hand, the three specialists of the Malbran Institute, where conducted investigations of suspected cases of contacts with hanta, have been consulted by this newspaper and which names are not given here, for & # 39; They are connected to talking to the media without official authorization, judgments: the Health Ministry has failed; and lowering & # 39; a state has consequences that & # 39; t in & # 39; a sense of crotch is more visible.

At first, they were some of a Sanitary Foundation's report a few days ago, and that is why the National Council of Anlis Health Laboratories and Institutions (Malbran) under their supervision and epidemic functions Clinical Transmission of Transmissible and Non-Reliable Diseases, provides a cumulative rate between 2016 and 2019 in a budget of 35.73 percent.

In addition, she explained that "every three years in the institution they are all retenting and no one is replacing. The plant was grounded, and with the decision that the entrance to the state closed, no one asked. That affects the containment of the outbreaks," "Don't look at money from human resources, and help the problem grow".

On the other hand, she explained that with the cuts the money in & # 39; The holes are for diagnosis and repressive research. "The studies of the outbreak have to pay the ministry and not the duck, that's what happens," they saw.

They also speak against & # 39; executing & # 39; a national trading post: "There are advantages, you know that the reservoir is present at the end end of the site and the ministry is experiencing the problem. The same happened in November, there was an outbreak of leishmaniasis (sickness & & 39; t by the bite of a mosquito set by the parasite) in the north and had alternated. "

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