Thursday , April 22 2021

The Pilgrim Pilot explains what would be the plane that Emiliano Sala had transported Sport

The former chairman of & # 39; Julio SubercaseuxHe spoke The latest news over the crash lined up by the Argentine football player Emiliano Sala, in the moment he moved Nantes to Cardiff in a plane that is missing.

In this context, the pilot began to feature the characteristics of the aircraft traveling the trans-Andean player.

"The Piper Malibu is a great aircraft, it can run it and much more than it is, it's a small but high end, well-established aircraft. Within the line of & # 39; the Pipers is the topball of & # 39; a piston flight, a very hilly aircraft"the pilot explained.

Subercaseux finally delivered his theory of what happened to the aircraft. "All objects, such as this aircraft, that fall into the sea at a speed of 400 kilometers & # 39; completely halted the hour"

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