Wednesday , June 16 2021

The Huaso Olmué Festival is succeeded for the moment by building a cable in a live show

In the third night of the Huaso Festival in Olmué, A cable began to run in & # 39; e comedych Chiqui Aguayo.

The show of El Patagual's humorist had to be interrupted by the animators after the public warned them of what was happening.

Cristián Sánchez and Karen Doggenweiler appeared on the stage to reach the situation and temporarily stop the game.

"I ask the administrators to do something," Aguayo said with humor, lamp, laugh, on TVN. The channel took the advantage of convincing what happened in the Coquimbo Region After the strong earthquake of 6.7 degrees that it confirmed the area.

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After an extension, The show of comedy was last.

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