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The Guadalajara Hospital maintains the technology in real time to study with colon cancer – Kastilla-La Mancha News

The Pathology Anatomy Department of the Guadalajara University Guidebook has established a new team of Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) technologies in real time for the research of biomarkers and is used to control the treatment of cancer patients. metastatic colon.

The Hospital of Guadalajara is the first in the region to have this equipment, the determinations of mutations in & # 39; the KRAS, NRAS and BRAF genes in this type of patient and have the results in just a few hours, or the report reports in press release.

According to the head of the "Pathological Anatomy Service of the Guadalajara Hospital, Antonio Candia," the arrival of this technology to our hospital provides an exceptional improvement of care for patients with colon cancer and opens the door to the development and execution of study of other genes to direct the treatment of other tumors.

The team, called e-PCR, offers results easy, fast and quick, so they quickly go to the best personalized therapy for any patient.

Up to now, these provisions were requested by other references, which have lost the results. In the case of patients with colorectal cancer, this technology can know if there is a mutation of the KRAS gene, which makes the cells have the ability to lose self-regulation. When the existence of substitute mutation is affixed, a medication can be used in the treatment of colon cancer called anti-EGFR can not be erased.

"The decision tells us that the patient is susceptible to treatment treatment, whether or not a KRAS is, the patient will not respond to preventing and defective treatment and side effects," said pogolist Virginia Tarín, This tune with Yuri Rodrigues is responsible for the part of 'molecular biology of' e Pathological Anatomy service.

For the management of this new team, three techniques of 'Pathological Anatomy Service' have been trained, usually responsible for performing these types of tests, in a session that also had the participation of oncologists.


team that enhances the portfolio of services and the ability to limit and entails the enthusiasm and involvement of Pathological Anatomy professionals to train to integrate this new technique.

Up to 50 Guadalajara patients can benefit from improvements and speeds each year to get results that contain this PCR monitor. In addition, this technology would open the door for future applications, such as the possibility of performing physical biopsy for patients with lethal cancer of a simple blood sample.

Colorectal cancer is an important health problem in our society. It presents a high incidence, this 15 percent presents the total number of cancerous cases. It is the second usually diagnosed in both sections and the second in mortality after lung cancer, with about 20,000 dead in Spain in 2017.

Last year, 545 new cases of colon cancer were diagnosed in Castilla-La Mancha, which resulted in a fall of 112 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. Of the total were 64 against Guadalajara, 179 to Toledo, 139 were diagnosed in Ciudad Real and 106 and 57 in Albacete and Cuenca, respectively.

However, in recent years there is a large survey in this field by a greater knowledge of & nbsp; the natural history of disease, the technology available for its study and the use of targeted drugs, such as the anti-EGFR anti-glade mentioned. .

This type of treatment should be used only for patients who have no mutations in the KRAS and NRAS genes because they do not respond. Therefore, the oncologist must administer this treatment to his patients, he must know the mutation status of this gene, an investigation performed by a tumor test, the pathological department in the portion of ' molecular biology.

On the other hand, improvements were made by the government of # 39; e Castilla-La Mancha's Implementation of & # 39; the colony-core program. A high percentage of new new cases have been diagnosed and fertilized, contributing to a better prognosis of disease and thus a reduction of & # 39; the mortality that is connected to it.

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