Friday , April 23 2021

The great detail that came out of a Popeye series

On January 17 the animated series "Popeye, the Sealand" It was 90 years of existence after its first appearance in a comedy Timble Theater in the edition of that day in 1929 from & # 39; e New York Evening Journal

Over this anniversary, The Huffington Post newspaper in its Spanish version released details on the name of the series, so much so, went completely unnoticed.

The article contains the Twitter user @anitapolisOK, that & # 39; t explains that the reason for the name & # 39; s sealer, Olivia & # 39; s love interest, is because his outgoing eye, which is called in English "Pop Auge". In addition, the user has ensured that she was only branded at the age of 49.

Although it seems that this information has been available, many of the publications never mentioned the title of & # 39; connect a protagonist to the story with this physical characteristic and that they only invent it when they see the tweet. Some even said that with more than 50 and 60 years old, and certainly their whole life saw the pain of life, they did not know it yet.

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