Thursday , June 17 2021

The dollar in Chile today beats $ 670 for the jump in buyer's price

The rate is the one with a $ 1.9 loss, while the US currency is international. In & # 39; a week it has collected $ 5.3.

The exchange rate at & quot; buyer's good dynamics on Friday & quot; ignores that dollar & # 39; a world reversed the loss in the morning and now to its fourth consecutive day of & # 39; an advance.

The US coin was placed in the vicinity of operations in Chile at $ 669.5, its lowest level in more than seven weeks, which is a a Low of $ 1.9 compared to yesterday's close. As a result, the exchange rate added a $ 5.3 decline, in the week, as 0.79%.

On the global aircraft, however, the dollar is gaining ground. The international price, coined by the Dollar Index, marks a small increase in this time, the distribution of the last three days.

On the risky market, there are strong optimistic drawings, federal forces and coffin futures, but the results are mixed in the world of emerging coins.

The Chile exchange dynamics key today was the pre-owned & # 39;, which today was worth more than 1% on the London Metal Exchange, scoring a fourth consecutive day on its winning streak.

Enthusiasm has stung reports that the United States thinks it's going to be on China's tariffs. While denied by the Treasury Department, the investment looks like a bargain, after several conversions between the two countries.

The trading power you & # 39; re holding is one of & # 39; the main points of & # 39; considered the risk of responsibility as risky, as brands, shops and months of emergence, imperative investments at a dollar search for prison.

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