Saturday , December 4 2021

Tetra, the Mexican fish that could help the human heart


A small Mexican fish can hide the key to change the lives of thousands of people who learn from heart problems, after he had a heart attack.

Tetra, academic name Astyanax Mexicanus, can regenerate the tissue of your heart without any kidneys.

The study, funded by the British Heart Foundation, found that three areas of the genome of this type are involved in regenerating the tissue.

For this study, Dr. Mathilda Mommersteeg and her team of Oxford University They studied two types of Mexican tetra: those living in the river live and the tissue of the heart and the harbor of the # 39; can heal the hills.

The fish in the cave lived in & # 39; the rivers of northern Mexico, but were wounded and developed by the surface of such a 1.5 million years ago, losing sight and color to live in darkness.

Compare it the two types of tetraThe researchers found that two genes (lrrc10 and caveolin) were much more active in river fish after a serious injury.

Then the scientists set out the lrrc10 gen In another species of fish with sheriff, the sebaceous fish.

Without this gene the sebacea could not completely repair the heart without walking.

Both genes are present in human beings, and it is known that lrrc10 is associated with a recital called dilute cardiomyopathy.

The authors of the study say that their findings suggests that one day it is possible to regenerate harmful hearts in humans by artificially transforming how to work these and other genes.

This can be done medications or use gene editing techniquesin which DNA has been modified, deleted or retrieved, using tools like Crispr-Cas9.

"I think this fisher can say, on one thing, how we can really repair the human heart (…)," said Dr. Mommersteeg, an associate professor of development medicine and regeneration.

"It's strange, but we have been unhappy about this extraordinary fish and the potential to change the lives of people with damaging emotions," he said.

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