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Team Chile LIVE Friday 23 July | Schedule, sports and who will broadcast the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo

De Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games they had arrived too late, but this Friday all Team Chile will officially start with the first athletes debuting after the Red Female I already opened the fires in football a few days ago.

Now it will be the turn of more athletes in individual and group disciplines who will try to advance phases and come up with the illusion of fighting for a medal or setting good records in competitions with world stars in every sport.

I it Friday at about 7:00 a.m. will be the opening ceremony, and together with all participating teams a part of Team Chile will parade with the flag of the country and the standard carriers Francisca Crovetto and Marco Grimalt.

Among the athletes debuting this Friday is Andrés Aguilar in archery, Paulina Vega in table tennis and Marcelo Tomás Barrios in the first round in tennis, where it should be noted that Cristian Garin will not be after the nomination of the rings.

You can follow all the news from the Team Chile and RedGol, in addition to television and online programming and transmission.

Minute by minute:

01:18 In the first round of the second round, the Creole reached 53 units, to reach 384 and be 26th overall.

01:05 Now comes the second part, with six more rounds, where the final classification of Andrés Aguilar is defined, confronted with the immediate elimination stage.

00:51 In the sixth round, the representative of Team Chile rises again in the ranks, because he is again 24, scoring 331 points.

00:44 After the fifth run, Andrés Aguilar loses places, as he falls to the 30th position, with a record of 274 units.

00:35 The national team remains in an expectation zone as it climbs to the 24th box, with a total of 220 points.

00:27 In the third run, Andrés Aguilar added another 54 points, continuing in 31st place with 164 points, seven behind Japanese leader Hiroki Muto.

00:18 The second round of the national team was very good, as it continued in the classification to the 31st place, with 110 points.

00:13 Andrés Aguilar adds a total of 54 points in his first run, and is in 42nd place overall, for now.

00:05 The Chilean is ready to represent the country by Tokyo 2020.

00:00 The premiere of Andrés Aguilar is coming to an end. The qualifying phase begins.

23:57 A “friend” arrives in training for the Women’s Red in Japan.

23:30 This Friday is also the opening ceremony, which starts at 07:00 in Chile.

23:16 An Olympic record falls. The Korean San An has 680 points in the ranking of women for archery.

23:10 We will also tell you the most striking results, from a day already in Japan.

23:00 Good evening, we welcome you to a new Tokyo 2020 day at RedGol.

Day and time: What is the schedule of Team Chile’s 1st match in Tokyo 2021?

This Friday, July 23rd, the following disciplines and these athletes will be presented:

00:00 – Andrés Aguilar – Archery

07.00 hrs – Opening

19:30 – César Abaroa and Eber Sanhueza – Remo

8pm – Paulina Vega – Table Tennis

9pm – Mary Dee Vargas – Judo

23.30 hrs – Tomás Barrios – Tennis

Television: On which channel to watch Team Chile live on TV in Tokyo 2020?

TeamChile’s participation is broadcast on TVN, on the following channels according to your cable operator:

Open signal and digital terrestrial:
7 (Santiago) – 7.1 (Santiago)

Cable TV:
VTR: 19 (SD in Santiago) – 807 (HD)
DIRECTV: 149 (SD) – 1149 (HD)
ENTEL: 64 (HD)
CLARO: 53 (SD) – 553 (HD)
MOVISTAR: 119 (SD) – 807 (HD)
JO SJEN: 55 (SD)

Online: Where to watch Team Chile live at the Olympics. from Tokyo?

If you’re looking for a link to watch Team Chile live in Tokyo 2020, you can watch it live and online at TVN Online signal and also completely free in the YouTube Brand Clear.

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