Tuesday , January 26 2021

Start a pilot test for pregnant women with hepatitis B virus.

O Higgins Health Service of O (Higgins), along with the blood of the local people in this area, Hepatitis B in pregnant women Family Health Center No. 2 Lanka.

According to the authorities, this initiative tries to bridge the gap that exists with mothers. Because it can be a disease. Vertically transmitted during pregnancy.

"The effectiveness of good research or good treatment since pregnancy, Reduces transmission to children to almost zero.. So I hope that this pilot will get the second best result in the whole country, "he said. O'Gregins, Rafael Borgoño's Seremi de Salud,.

For that part, Pacio Lopez Director of Health Services, " Lanka Regional Hospital Laboratory, The test will be processed. "

According to the authorities, Place For national level managers It provides more resources to cure this disease..

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