Thursday , December 12 2019
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Spotify would be the option to load your own MP3s on your account

More than one of us has come to realize that we are listening to a song that we do not listen to long and have saved us as MP3, but if you are looking for our music service streaming We are disappointed to see that it is not available.

At present, the musical services are performed streaming Apple Music, Google Music and Deezer give us the opportunity to download our own MP3 files on our account and to sync with the rest of our devices. The most popular service of all – Spotify – is not it.

But everything seems to indicate that this has changed as soon as it has been detected in secret in Android app's Spotify which has the ability to download our MP3 files to our account, you see in the following screen tables:

When you see in the & # 39; s top image, preview the interface so that this new and expected feature can be released very easily for all users of the successful platform.

That either Spotify would be different from its competition for offering the ability to directly download the MP3 of smartphones, at least Apple Music and Deezer platforms can only place it.

At present, we know the date there will be released this new function and on which platforms it is available.

With information from Android Police

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