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Special Report: "Justice, the Destroyed Brothers" – Special report

Special Report: "Justice, the Destroyed Brothers"

The new report, led by Santiago Pavlovic, investigated the most serious crisis of & # 39; a Silesian direction from the last time: the case of the Court of Rancagua. Tvn


In the new research by Special report, titles "Justice, the Destroyed Brothers" and under the direction of Santiago Pavlovic, we focus on the size of corruption Court of Appeals of Rancagua. The ministers surveyed appear to be involved in the impact on destruction, illegal aging and forecasting.

These judges. taught as guarantors of & # 39; right a right, today they are being investigated for a hindrance in judicial processes, for sexual abuse of priests, irregular revenge on a resolution against Sebastián Dávalos Bachelet, bribes and even black magic practices.

The legal records Emilio Elgueta, Marcelo Vásquez and Marcelo Albornoz they can have a compliant plot of & # 39; brotherhood & # 39; Have articulated for their own benefit and their round, that they even climb a doctor that's proclaimed for drug trafficking and criminals.

Telephony receipts indicate the relationship of a doctor who has been abused to drug dealing with the aforementioned ministers.


The doctor Luis Arenas, friend of high managers in & rsquo; Rancagua's Apple, has a record for fraud & # 39; a treasury of over $ 13 million pesos. In addition, he was condemned for operating a psychotropic trafficking network. The Masonic Lodge 56 George Washington of Rancagua, seems to be the connection between Arenas and Elgueta, Vasquez and Albornoz ministers.

What the question posed was an email that denied the appointment of "Minister of Marcelo Vásquez's daughter, in alternate position, in & # 39; e courtesy of "Higgins region" & # 39; So began the investigation against him.

The Minister Elgueta asked Arias, without question, that he had a public occupation for a friend of his choice to mail. On the other hand, black magic objects were found in its side. A recreation turns out to be a picture of the judge under her Gabriela Pérez with nails in one's head.

After opening a photo of Senator PS Juan Pablo Letelier In conjunction with Elgueta and Vasquez ministers, he did not investigate any relationship with the officials.


Special report lets the possible "maneuvers" of this former earn. A case that judges and legal persons in & # 39; e named & # 39; right holy war has recruited and that a result of & # 39; a request can be spoken for by Elgueta, Albornoz and Vasquez.

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