Saturday , May 28 2022

Sony patented a new video clip for videojuegos


Sony ha registrado una nueva y misteriosa patente and Corea del Sur describes the "cartucho de juegos electrónicos", Aligns the type of device that has the video portability that does not allow anybody to use their functionality. As you have published the Techtastic media, report it varios documentos gráficos which demands the existence of the device.

Register and number one emailed by the companion

This will register the realization of the past 5 de octubre de 2018 and the number of trailers of the proprietary companion nipona, Yujin Morisawa, empleado de Sony Interactive Entertainment. For this reason, it is a way of using an aggregate in an extreme, a wide range of content and an opportunity to access the data in the extremes; Most of the sophisticated sockets, there are many types of information about the most possible functionality of the applications.

Recordemos that Sony ya registró And the 2017stations will be a portable consular portfolio in most of the world Nintendo Switch, with a central touch and control devices in the same way as the device and the similarity to the DualShock 4. Do you want to see the new type of cartridge? Sea Como, the company has registered patent applications, projects that have not been the salient necesariamente al formato comercial.

Recientemente, sabíamos that Sony sets the production of PS The final version of the form in Japan is the next year, as it is time for the "There are plans for a new consular port". By the way, the new CEO of PlayStation, John Kodera, sugería is an entertaining and exciting novelty of this year that PlayStation is considered Otherwise, the Vita.

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