Friday , April 23 2021

Sileanen win the "Oscar" from the economy: Empresa TriCiclos gets the first place in & # 39; a prize "The Circulars 2019"

In & # 39; the summer of & # 39; An annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, awarded TriCiclos the "The Circulars", in the category "Dell4Good", the largest and most important prize in & # 39; a circular economy that exists in the world

The initiative organized by the World Economic Forum, in combination with the Young World Leaders' Forum, recognized the most exceptional organizations and individuals who are great at promoting the reduction in the use of raw materials and waste from their productive chains and that of other companies, both in the private sector, such as in the public and in & # 39; a society.

The high level of competition this year makes it even more surprising that the trophy falls into the Silea hands, with TriCiclos also the only Latin American company in & # 39; a definite competition between the 437 applicants from 45 countries.

"Although we were always optimistic and we were likely on this occasion, while we knew we were competing with a few real masters from the round economy, the first place in the mood was a real surprise," Gonzalo Muñoz, Founder and Director of TriCiclos LATAM.

Among the six finalists were important companies, such as Dutch Dye Coo, the first commercial provider of & # 39; a world of water and chemical processes. Ecoware, the first and largest sustainable sales company in India, also wants to convert the common agricultural waste into contaminants and utensils for food and medical care. And ZigZag, an English company with which new, used and even end-of-life products can be returned, is being restored, renewed, destroyed and even sold by an emerging division.

It is likely to be noted that while a global expert rating for the 6 finalists was worthy of the vote, the winner was popular, via the Internet and anyone in the world could promote their favorite initiative. "That is why we are already very proud and proud of this great nomination. This prize tells us that Latin America has changed, that people are interested in recycling, in terms of polluting and contributing to the protection of our planet. # 39, we have chosen us, because this price is not just us, but especially let Latin America. "

TriCiclos is a circular economic international company focused on the processes and products of consumer goods. They have the conviction that wall boom is nothing but a design freshman that can and should be determined. Based on & # 39; experience The operation of the largest network of recycling stations in South America offers TriCiclos many products and services, both upstream and downstream from the shipping generation. These products and services include recycling stations, logistics, educational programs, public policy, high consultancy, sustainability strategy, recyclability indices and life sciences research, development of new products and services, design and technological development.

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