Monday , November 29 2021

Seville will be launched by André Silva


It's been a while has persuaded. It's been long since Seville is clear that it officially officially selects André Silva that they have and that is encrypted 38 million euros. All that remained was to communicate. And that Caparrós did.

"We have every right, the necessary option to stay with him. You can already say what Milan Mila wants. Other teams want it too. We are aware that the end of & # 39; Six or before we use the right, "he said.

The Portuguese tight shot again, this time in the crash of # 39; the League of Nations against Poland. Now, much is said about him, wanted to send the leader a message of peace to his fans.

"This soccer player will be contracting for several seasons." Seville has to be rested because he is a player we have been well connected ", said Caparrós.

At present, André Silva is one of the architects of the fact that Seville is just one point of & # 39; the leader: sum seven goals in 15 matches.

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