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SEC gives finances to Mayweather and DJ Khaled for the promotion of an ICO | CryptoNews

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has been imprisoned on Thursday at Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. and music production Khaled Khaled not to open that they had toddlers to promote Centra Tech's ICO. made in September 2017.

According to an opinion of "SEC", this Thursday published the famous boxer earned 100 thousand dollars from Centra Tech directors to promote the Inventional Bureau (ICO) of the company. In addition, the Stox and Hubii Network companies have totaled $ 200,000 in the Mayweather account.

In another opinion of the regulatory body, it was determined that DJ Khaled received a payment of 50 thousand dollars from Centra Tech to promote this market on its social networks.

In both communications, the SEC commits to the promotion activities of Centra Tech, part of & # 39; The counterfeit, "impartial," but were excluded to pay for confused information.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. used his Instagram and Twitter accounts to add photos and comments for Centra Tech's ICO. Source: BlockInsider.

Centra Tech was considered one of the most popular inexpensive financial providers of # 39; The Crypto Market, with the management of a total of $ 32 million in its financing round. However, it was soon tried that the cryptographic project, which offered a credit card for the crypto market, was a financial fraud.

Currently, the founders of Centra Tech face 65 years in prison, guilty of conspiracy and financial fraud. Project managers have been condemned for breaking the law or selling tickets in the United States without SEC authorization, as well as surrounding information about the business and designing false information about continuous connection with Visa, Mastercard and Bancard for existing credit cards to represent. for cryoprose.

At the end of the deal, Centra Tech, mark the misleading advertisement that was broadcast by Mayweather and DJ Khaled on social networks. The famous books used their Instragram and Twitter accounts to distribute photos and commentaries that promote investments in the initial offer of Centra Tech, a strategy that's a large number of instants moved

DJ Khaled also got money to post Centra Tech on his social networks and to say that he has the impartial way. Source: TechCrunch.

Participation in the project costs good news, Mayweather has to get the 300,000 dollar by Centra Tech to resume the regular authorities, with the obligation to reserve within a period of 20 days in the state reserve.

Besides the fee, Mayweather will find $ 300,000 and tax deductible at $ 14,775.. According to the board of SEC, the book series for three years is prohibited to promote "any digital or other value" and will continue to get more information about its case, which is still in place .

Khlaed will receive the $ 50,000 to promote the ICO, and has to pay a $ 100 thousand dollar prize and payments for judicial services to $ 2,725. The DJ is also prohibited from promoting values ​​on their social networks for a period of 2 years.

Both communications claim that, if the fines are not paid, they will be accentuated with interest in 'citizen' financially from each of them. the individuals. However, they have also asserted that the burden on both persons was established, because in 2017 – before they decided to share the ICO – the authorities had clarified that the cryptographic walls could be sold securely to the regulations of the SEC.

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