Thursday , June 24 2021

Scientists from Spain awaken the risk of becoming cancerous or indecent by the manipulation of stimulation

According to a study by the University of Granada in Spain, the voices-yes, the interests have chemistry that can cause inability in men, such as cancer.

The researchers called most of the papers you & # 39; let's give us daily purchases, They have an ink that & # 39; t with time or contact has been removed. It is that the changes could cause.

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90% of the received from thermal paper and they have ink that is removed faster than people processing it, this causes those who reach the material to give themselves an interest chemical what Increases hormonal balance in people and that generates traffic, infertility and cancer in organs that do not depend on the changed hormones. It's about Bisphenol-A (BPA)

The Professor of Medicine at Granada University, Nicolás Olea, shared in & # 39; s study and commented Biosanitary research institute of Granada that you are recommendation Manipulate these papers as little as possible so they do not want to set up the mix.

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"For instance, We should not mix the tickets with the food in the kitchen when it completes the purchase, the fish or the meat. Also, we have to play with them, or refuse to repel them, Scratch notes consider or save them in the car, point or bag, "the expert said.

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