Monday , May 17 2021

Registrados 38 casos de Influenza en el Edomex; The people have lost their lives

Huixquilucan, México.- The Secretariat of Salvation in the Entity, Gabriel O'Shea, informs that they are hoping a Increasingly important cases of influenza casks, "Un pico" for the next few months in the State of Mexico, for the purpose of recommending the vaccine against this virus.

An entertaining comment about the Gobierno del Estado compró The millions of 360-fold vaccines y se han applied for 560 miles, which signifies that you have a población del 65% protegida.

La vacuna es francesa trivalente que tiene cepa; H3N2, H1N1 and B, are three factors that cause the gland. The day after the Salud Secretariat, there were 38 cases of influenza in the State of Mexico, the 36-year provinces of H1N1, and the influenza type B. Hay dos personas fallecidas, a 69-year-old in the Hospital of Raza, and a peak in the Cuautitlán Hospital.

Detailed that in the last week of the first two days of the fever, they are espera un repunte, "This is a good idea for the people that the best way to prevent them from being vaccinated in the climatic world."

Lot Groups of giant son 6 months and 5 years; 60 years of age, with inmuno suppression, as well as transplantation with morbidity, hypertensia, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and mildew and their embarrassing women.

En relación a las financial resources that guard the Secretariat of Salud in the Estado de México, señalo que se ha ido pagando el ISR, Fovisste, cesantía y vejez.

They have 2 billion 500 millones and they have one adeudo de 9 mil millones They are part of the year.

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