Sunday , December 5 2021

Regering examines possible changes in the compensation system for years of service


December is the month in question with the government in the College of & nbsp; The Labor Modernization Project in Context in & # 39; a context that shows rules to make working days flexible and editing measures that are being introduced by the labor reform that is promoted by the administration of former president Michelle Bachelet.

For this initiative and others that relate to the modernization of services, the Ministry of Labor organized experts and multinational experts who have introduced the last stage to recite their recommendations, before project comes in the Congress.

In this context, the holder of the portfolio, Nicolás Monckeberg, said, "It is very important that our labor market facilitates opportunities for learning.

Sometimes we have rules that sell the employees into works and clear the search for new opportunities, as is the case with our compensation system for contraception, that has the opportunity for a new job, to I take it I will lose all seniority in business. "

In this sense and for any changes the Secretary of State states that we evaluate, we have not decided, because we want an intensive talk show in # 39; making the layouts and based on everything we want to make a proposal for modernization. "

Apply sources in the work that they investigate various alternatives in this context, including compensation for any event (design or resignation).

Less than a year

Today in Chile regulate Article 163 of the Labor Code paying for years of service a paid worker is granted in & nbsp; the time of desolation.

"If the contract for a year or more has become effective and the employer determines it according to article 161 (business necessity), it must pay the labor compensation for years of service that the parties are individually or collectively agreed" says the norm.

He suggests that the employer must pay an employer to an employer to # 39; thirty days of the last monthly fee charged for each year of service and fraction is greater than six months, continuing to & # 39; the official present. This compensation will have a maximum limit of three hundred and thirty days of payment (11, which is 11 salaries maximum).

For the economics and academic university of Los Andes University, Cecilia Cifuentes, is one of the & # 39; the greatest condemnation of labor rights in the compensation system: "It is a policy that creates a hefty firmness in the labor market and also means a perverse sense."

In this context, he says it should be at all events, but with a payment limit of 4 to 6 months, the average one takes a person to find a job.

The Director of the Center for Development, Luis Eduardo Escobar, says the revision of the rules is also important, but with any strengthening of unemployment.

"You have to try the problem of working on a job market. It is necessary to get the strengthening of unemployment benefits, while determining what the compensation formula should be."

They offer 3000 technical jobs

More than 3,000 jobs were offered at the Technological Employment Fair (FET 2018), which was appointed yesterday by the Labor Minister Nicolás Monckeberg.

"We can not stay in the past, it's unfair that employees only conquer those technological changes, so an important part of the offer of a ministerial office has to start with and Support our employees for new times, "said the authority.

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