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Men go more and more in the operating room. According to data from the Society of Plastic Surgeons of Chile (SCCP), 5,000 to 6,000 male cosmetic surgeries are performed annually and have increased over the past decade. This shows that Chileans are more open to this type of surgery.

As summer approaches, interest in the emergence of the body is notoriously becoming a topic for diet, gym or plastic surgery. Among the most demanding procedures for men this season are gynecomastia. This mediation reduces the increase in subcutaneous fat tissue, one of the larger complexes of male sex, or, in some cases, the increase in the volume of the chest area due to the development of small mammary glands. This condition can occur at any age and can be a result of hormonal changes, the use of steroids, heredity, obesity, or even the use of certain medications.

One of the most popular cosmetic surgery operations in the world, the third most popular cosmetic surgery, is eyelid surgery or eyelid surgery. This intervention improves the shape of the eyelids and provides more light to the eye through temporary hospitalization under anesthesia and sedation with an anesthesiologist.

In this regard, Claudio Thomas, a plastic surgeon at the Society of Plastic Surgeons of Chile, says, "It is important to choose a certified plastic surgeon if you decide to perform this type of surgical intervention. Complete the cosmetic surgery for complete improvement in choosing the correct surgery for each case that requires a plastic surgeon with. "

Despite the explosive increase in male surgeries over the last decade, liposuction accounts for 25% of the most frequent invasive treatments performed by men. This technique has become popular because it allows you to create a body with a better profile and removes hard fat that is not lowered by diet or exercise.

In this sense, the specialist organism emphasizes that it is important to understand the procedures that can be performed by focusing on the basic triangles, informed patients, and surgeons, while recognizing the procedures that are important to do Certificates and accredited clinical centers.

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