Monday , November 29 2021

Presupposing 2019: Senate rehab reserves of Carabineros reserves at $ 1 y US $ 1


El Senado This is a juxtaposition on the part of the projection process Ley de Presupuesto 2019, because the lunar continuation of discusión in the Dumplings Camara, in which it is expected to constitute a mixed comission that resists the surging discrepancies.

The discusse of the day in the Senado is getting married part of the Interior Ministry, concretamente por los recursos destined to Carabineros In the end, the latest corruption casualties and the political acting criticism that culminated with the mourning of the comic bookmaker Camilo Catrillanca.

It is a point, como gesto político, It is estimated by 16 votes against the 10th indication given by the user to save $ 1 and US $ 1, this is the case for the outside world, the second of the guest reserves of the uniform police, which is the regulation of a permanent state.

In this case, some "insufficient" travels, according to the attitudes, the presentation of the pressures, reduces the reserves of Carabineros reserve in the minimal sense of the permanent state, It was $ 500 millions and $ 343 millions of US $ 90 millones and US $ 20 millones.

Los senadores Alfonso de Urresti, Jorge Pizarro, José Miguel Insulza, Francisco Huenchumilla, Jaime Quintana, Alejandro Guillier, Ricardo Lagos Weber, Alejandro Navarro, Alfonso De Urresti, Carlos Bianchi, Álvaro Elizalde and Carlos Montes señalaron que "This is a sign of mental health, one of the political and moral issues that the fraudulent have hit the world's highs and they have fallen into the country".

Por su parte, los senadores Víctor Pérez Varela, Ena Von Baer, ​​Juan Antonio Coloma, Kenneth Pugh, Jose García Ruminot, Francisco Chahuán and José Miguel Durana advirtieron que "There is no justice" and specifies that "The Lead of Presupposition is the instrument to discern the role of Carabineros" and "Now that the opusion is in the immediate future, it's going to generate a ceremony."

In the light of the signs of impunity by the late Juan Ignacio Latorre, the Revolutionary Democrática, in order "Rebuild the gastos and personal militia equipos in La Araucania", now obtuvo el mismo respaldo and take a break from 14 votes against 9.

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