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Preparing a puebla program for a national HIV study


Preparing a puebla program for a national HIV study

Photography: Agencia Enfoque

November 21, 2018, 6:18 pm

All the institutes of the sector Salud, the shareholder of the project Elisa and the Cudadanos

Pilar Bravo

PUEBLA, México.- The Haitian Consulate for the HIV Control and Puebla Prevention Activities to Commemorate the November 23 National Day on Human Immunodeficiency Virus, known as AIDS.

Claudia Rivera Luna, directors of the SSA HIV Program, is committed to all Salud's institutes, participating in realizing Elisa's prospects for cadres who have access to the mosaics that are oriented towards the theme.

Servicios de Salud del Estado, installing a rabid radio model in the Poseo Bravo, the personal medicines and chemicals of their products and the content of the people who require free shipping. There are many ways in which consultations will be available to you, as it is stated in the day of the 23rd day, which will allow you to get 200 prizes, but you will be able to access the sanitary warehouse of the Estado.

They are in jehannas in Tehuacán, Tulteno del Valle, Chignahuapan and Zacatlán, but have more of their priorities than the International HIV, which is celebrating a December.

José Antonio Martínez García, announces that there are at least 55 million people who have been HIV and have already reported that this is an opportunity to realize the trial, which is confined to the security of the country, y atención inmediata a quien ha adquirida la enfermedad.

Onán Vázquez Chávez, representing the association No Dejarse es Incluirse A.C. , and the conferencing of the prime, as well as the one of them being a maternal person, his triviality is the cause of the oppressive nature, for the celebration that the SSA gives information and content.

Reconciliation of the import of CAPACITY, which attacks the infertility, embargoes have their own personal and democratic limitations, but the final is a relevant paramilitary for the infection

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