Sunday , January 23 2022

Place suspension in Children’s Hospital for medical students involved in police intervention


The National Children’s Hospital (HNN) has suspended the quota (clinical field) of the two medical students involved in the intervention made by the Escazú Municipal Police at a party held between 2 and 3 October.

The information was released by the site on Tuesday and confirmed it in consultation with the general manager of the medical center, Olga Arguedas Arguedas.

“The hospital retains the right of admission and has ceased its clinical field. The case was directed to the University of Medical Sciences (Ucimed) because they are university students, they are not institutional staff, so the investigation into the facts and any sanctions associated with the study center, ”the doctor explained.

Specifically, the students were suspended for the next six months from their internship rotation by the medical center, based on the report sent by the police last week.

Asked what will happen to the process that the students started, Arguedas Arguedas pointed out that it will be up to the institution of higher education to determine if they should do it again from scratch or if they can finally do it. resumed in another hospital.

“The last reflection is that the university will now have to check the details of the facts. Certainly new evidence may arrive, new information that we did not know at first. But the most important thing is that when one has the privilege and the obligation of working in a hospital, he is committed to complying with the existing rules both during working hours and outside of it, “the director said by telephone.

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These students also undertake a research in their study center. This could eventually lead to a disciplinary process, Rector Pablo Guzmán Stein reported on October 6.

Arguedas Arguedas explained that the National Children’s Hospital recommended a six-month sanction for possible violations of the students’ obligations set out in the Regulations for Clinical Teaching Activity in the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS). “It depends on the university. These processes are carried out by the university, through a more detailed investigation,” he added.

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