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Since the first quarter of 2019 it is Ministry of Health will cost 5,000 treatments Prepayment Prophylaxis (PREP), the pill to prevent the spread HIV

These medicines, which also make use of 90% The risk of contracting the disease will be available to & # 39; Chilean citizens and foreign students living in the country can be candidates to get the drug after he has a Evaluation of risk behavior They're in a Research with negative results.

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PreP can be used by people who have unsafe sex, who have more than one partner in the last six months, have a relationship with someone with HIV that & # 39; 39; t have no treatments that have been covered with a sexually transmitted disease in the last twelve months and the sex trade practice, or it reports Mercury with data provided by the doctor Carlos Beltrán, chairman of 'e AIDS Chile Corporation and advisor to Minsal.

This therapy, recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO), it has been annually given in countries such as deleted United States, Australia, Brazil, Mexico and others, those who have introduced this prevention strategy in the public health system.

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"In countries where this therapy has been performed, the infections have dramatically reduced and there are almost no new cases. Of course this is not an isolated strategy but should be combined with other preventive measures", ensures Alejandro Afani, director of HIV Center of the Clinical Hospital of the University of Chile.

The risk of this pile is that if it is consumed by consumers People who have HIV have no knowledge of it o They are in touch despite their useTo avoid lowering the control of the bike to 100%, they can be assured of subsequent treatment against the disease.

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