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Photo of Miley Cyrus's Flaming House is Desolate | news


Having devastated California since last Friday There are already 50 victims left. They have become one of the most tragic events remembered in the region. Many people have lost their homes and many others are praying that it will not happen. There are many people at risk.

The security forces are working on sculptures to evacuate the people who are in danger of fire fighting. Many of them have been influenced by Miley Cyrus, Sandra Bullock, Robin Thicke, Lady Gaga, Orlando Bloom, Gerard Butler, SHARE, Daryl Hannah, Neil Young, Kardashian Or even Raquel del Rosario.

This network is full of emotional messages to the union. The union has brought this tragedy to the common members. They praise the collaboration.

But we must regret the loss of life, homes and shooting sets such as those affected by the series. West World.

Miley Cyrus has been devastated.

One of the couples who lost their house is the couple. Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemps Word. "I completely destroyed how the fire affected my community, I am one of the lucky people. My love for animals and my life is safe and now it is all important.. My house is gone, but the memories I shared with my family and friends remain intact, "he wrote in his network.

She lost her residence. She had a lot of parties and she and Liam Hemsworth shared a very impressive picture of the remains of her house. "They were a heartbreaking day. This is left in my house. love. Many people in Malibu and the surrounding areas of California have also lost their homes and my heart is with everyone affected by this fire. Yesterday I spent the day in Malibu. And it was amazing to see how the community came to help each other as much as they could. Malibu is a powerful community and this event will be even stronger."He wrote next to the image.

We begin the fundraising phase to mitigate the consequences of what is happening now. The couple donated $ 500,000. We donate to the Malibu Foundation through our own NGO Happy Happie and ask that we continue to cooperate because there is still a lot of work to be done.

P! Nk's husband's violent reaction

The singer participated in the controversy because of her husband. Carrie Hart. They also have mansions in the area but are not affected. Of course they can be victims of predators.

For this reason, motorcycle drivers have released images of several armed men with warning signs that people trying to take something will be shot.

"Unfortunately, people use the crisis of others. During the Malibu fires, some locals fought to keep the building from fire. I saw a predator coming into my house."Wrote a controversial image that is concerned about the singer's fans about her husband's pleasure about guns.

Spanish Women in Malibu

Among affected people Raquel del Rosario It is one of the things evacuated before there is a close danger of fire. She lives in Malibu with her husband and children and still has no idea what will happen to her house.

"The sun, far from the coast, is covered with thick smoke. Nearly three days ago, we left our house after the fire was approaching. We saw images of humanity and heroism as well as sorrow and desolation.. Whatever happens, we have everything we need, a living gift. Thank you for your message of affection. "Wrote Instagram.

Assessing disaster results is still early. You will have to check whether the house is finally affected.

Lady Gaga with Donald Trump

Singer is another person who has to evacuate and never stop posting messages and videos about living in California. But if he does not stop appreciating the work of the firefighter he calls the hero. Donald Trump.

The president used the tragedy to use this tragedy as a political issue and condemned the California governor 's fault.

"Donald Trump, I knew that, but you make it clear that you are not worried about anyone other than yourself. Your Excellency, show compassion for the people of California and show a friendly example for this country."I asked the leader.

Gerard Butler's Return

Actors like Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Gerard Butler He is one of the people who came back to check the condition of his house. "After my evacuation, I returned to my house in Malibu, a heartbreaking time throughout California, inspired by the courage, spirit and sacrifice of firefighters all the time." He shared a network of images of the mansion with burns.

"My heart hurts in California and all those who lost their lives. I was one of the lucky ones, my house was partially destroyed. Many people have lost everything and will have to recreate it from scratch. I am very grateful for all the good wishes. "

A person who is highly influenced

All of the money in the world did not prevent people from living in the area with lots of celebrities from coming on fire. Orlando Bloom He shared an image of the distance to see the brutality of the fire. "This is a two-hour drive to safely pray for the security of all our friends in Malibu, thanks to a brave firefighter," he wrote.

Another person who had to leave his house Robin Thicke People escaping by car through Instagram. When he was safe, he wanted to thank the firefighters and volunteers for their courage. While they were driving to keep us safe, they took their lives to save our house. We are safe, surrounded by friends and family, thankful for all the love and support we receive, and pass on love and prayer to those affected by the fire. "

Guillermo Del Toro He was one of those who suffered for a house that hosted many works of art that could not live and die forever. Fortunately, he is one of those who have confirmed that his house is still standing.

Now we need to focus on collecting funds. In addition to the 500,000 Miley Cyrus, Sandra Bullock He also donated 100,000 people. And there are many people who use influential speakers to ask for cooperation.

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