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Personal treatments and priority in quality of life: what is the current scenario of breast cancer

Not more than 10 years ago is the treatment of Breast cancer It became standardized and techniques were encountered in a structured way for many women who were diagnosed. Since then, technological advances and time have contributed to contributing to many theme transformation & # 39; s and the purchase of more tools to combat this evil.

According to the Argentina Mastology Society, Anxiety is caused when a cell of a mammary cell changes and changes into another, which is no longer responsive to normal stimuli, begins to grow and reproduce in an uncontrolled manner, while known as anarchic cells. When sexually subdivided, this group of cells provides a small tumor that will not grow steadily and, if not able to stop at any time, tumbling tissues, regional lymph nodes and other organs of the body may collapse.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 20,000 new cases of breast cancer are recognized every year in every country, which is in average two new per hour.

"Years ago, the choice of treatment was made in a structured way, but today it is completely different and there is a large percentage of personal treatments. less aggressive treatments and without losing the trust that it works, giving it priority to the life of life of that patient will not want to replace it in the face of a diagnostic that has the word cancer in it, "she said Infobae Eduardo González, president of an Argentine Maatological Medicine (SAM) and head of & # 39; a Mastology Department of the Institute of Oncology Angel H. Roffo & # 39; (MN: 52526), ​​in the context of the Third International Multidisciplinary Symposium of "Breast Cancer," organized by the Zunino Institute and the Marie Curie Foundation.

The meeting that took over in Córdoba's city brought 80 exhibits & # 39; local and foreign languages ​​(United States, Spain, France, Italy, Chile, Colombia and Brazil) to develop developments as genomic platforms, to select an adequate therapeutic strategy and Evaluate prevention of chamber therapy, even the benefits of a more fluid biopsy, a blood problem that involves the detection of circular tumor cells for a possible metastasis.

"The most important thing today in breast cancer that treatment has been adjusted and personal to the patient," he said. Silvia Zunino, president of the Marie Curie Foundation.

According to González, the quality of life is the most important thing: "Today's quality of life is highly valued by a patient, today, the decisions we make are based on & # 39; the livelihood of life, we often judge the treatment is effective, but if it guarantees a good quality of life, it is sought to widen the years of life, but to live well over the years ".

Some changes to the treatment of breast cancer are, González He made it a great secret that the team is multidisciplinary to have a positive and successful result: "It is necessary to have a Philosophy of work where & # 39; the consensus among the disciplines is that it will inspire"

Looking for less aggressive treatments

For the clinic oncologist Luis Martínez (MP 20464), Argentina is one of the best countries to treat breast cancer: "We are very good, our patients receive standard treatments in front-line countries." Regarding standard treatments, and that was a very dangerous thing, today we are researching and there are more tools to deal with the problem properly. "

"As the years go by, the use of chemotherapy in the world as treatment was wide, and other options are being attempted at present to prevent chemotherapy through preventative measures, but especially to maintain the patient through these. prevent therapy if it is not needed, "he did Martinez with respect to treatments that escape the standard.

In figures from the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) Argentina is second as a result of & # 39; s death of & # 39; a breast cancer in Latin America: About 20 women die each day because of this illness. And statistics indicate that if you get 85 years, one will have eight.

Licenses in cancer and treatment

According to Pablo Castro Peña, radio plug-in and director of the Zunino Institute, there are many benefits in the treatment and prevention of cancer: "In essence, within radiological oncology, a very large evolution over the years. Prestich, gets more doses where & # 39; t be the injury or was and with a minimal teacher so that the healthy tissue is surrounded by healthy.

"The technology gave us a very important tool to have cured treatments, it enabled us to dispense the bad tissues and you could also change the time of each treatment, higher quality of life and pA patient is very valuable. On the other hand, there is a conceptual change in treatments that are not always personal, "he said. Peña

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