Friday , January 28 2022

Palestino approached the title using Muñoz's mistake.


In the intense battle in Florida, the "Arab" box wins 1-0 with the failure of the italic goalkeeper. In La Cisterna everything will be defined next week.

Audax Italian And Palestinian Encouraging an unprecedented end Chile Cup MTS 2018 Undefeated thanks to his resounding campaign. But the failure of this case was paid in exchange for goalkeeper Joaquin Maunoz 's mistake and La Florida had enough "Arabs" to win the third title.

La Cisterna's cast was even more dangerous with Roberto Gutiérrez, César Cortés and Luis Jiménez, who could not defeat the Italian goalkeeper during the first half. Iván Ledezma provoked a local attack but was not successful.

Despite the strength and stupidity of the two clubs, the goal did not appear. The visit remained the protagonist in the absence of fortune. When Nicolás Díaz was sent off in double yellow, Audax Italiano was aggressive, especially over time, helping Sergio Santos overflow.

0-0 had the following weekly tension, and Joaquín Muñoz set the ball after a free kick and Diego Vallejos got close to the third Copa Chile title using a rebound for the "Arab" victory. MTS.

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