Monday , November 29 2021

Only mexicano can repair the heart rate for pacient with cardiovascular infarction


Cientifics of the Oxford University have somehow investigated a peak of power capable of regenerating the coronation and decubation that el There is no extraordinary capacidad to be present in human. The results of the new study, published in the Cell Reports magazine, are a great source of hope for potential beneficiaries in the life of people who have suffered from cardiac arrest, as well as investigators.

For the purpose of this conclusion, the cognition team-led by Professor Mathilda Mommersteeg-estudió de tipos de Mexicanos tesco peces. El Astyanax mexicanus, which is vive en ríos They have a very colorful color, you can look at the shape of the coriander, which means the segment of the subspace, puebla las aguas de la cueva de Pachón y es conocida como el 'tetra ciego', the solo has lost its color and its visibility, characteristics that have no surveillance in the circulation of the cave, even though they have no capacity to regenerate the coriander.

In the study, the investigators Compare the perfekt genetics of the types of tetra peces an identifying three organs and the genes that are relevant to the ability of the regeneration of the cardioid genus.

In the past, there is a comparative measure of the complementarity of the genes in the tale of the rio and in the last decade of the cardinal, the cigars encounters only in the first home of the genital activity, the lrrc10 (presently human) and la caveolina.

Early inquiries in relation to their part, according to the demographic that the lrrc10 has been relocated with a cardiac cardiomyopathy expansion, in the case that the coronary is extremely severe and may cause the surgery to be corrected. The results of the estudios afterwards have sugared that el lrrc10 desempeña a papel clave in the contraction and expansion of the coral cores.

To confirm that this is an involvement in the regeneration of the topic of the study, the investigators of the new recruitment study at the cebra, especially the agenda of the fact that, in the case of the pez tetra, there is the capacity to regenerate the teens of coral if necessary. The curiosities of bluquearon have the expression of lrrc10 in peces cebra, because they have been able to compensate for the reparation of the cardiage.

In the future, the investigation team will learn more about the mechanics of the recuperation capacity of these teens and users who have the privilege of having problems with this organs, tales on the cardiac insensitivity.

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