Sunday , May 16 2021

Office of Secretary of State Secretary of the National Assembly of the United States of America has nine clerks in the case of arms trading in # 39; the Syrian Army

Judicial sources say that the nine people are charged with all the acts of weapons and divisions relating to the Arms Control Law, a case that was appointed by the chief commander of the army of Ricardo Martínez.

The Public Prosecutor Chile The current expanded present-day investigation for the alleged explanation and the transfer of weapons and ammunition for drug traffickers and criminals through labor rights and accusation and attachment to nine people.

The right sources say that the nine people are accused of all the acts of weapons and factions that are related to the Arms Control Law, a case acquired by the commander of the army Ricardo Martínez.

According to El Mercurio, today, under the accusations is the army officer Jezus Yáñez, who was "without a competent license and profit" of the Logistics Regiment No. 2 Was Arsenals, in & nbsp; The city of Colina, neighboring Santiago, 105 corvus (crumpled knees), five yataganes (a kind of sword installed in the tip of the gun) and three machetes.

The member of the army was the weapon in his own car, along with the destroyed Roberto Alarcón, who had kept cartridges of 9 mm in his home, which would then be sold.

Both were arrested on 2 August and formalized for the dictation of military types and illegal possession of ammunition held in a so-called "college center" in Santiago de la La Granada, where they were seated also found two AK-47 weapons. , a SIG weapon, model 510 (registered by the army), trailers and loaders.

Under the five surveyed five of them were investigated by the Act on Arms Control and the other four were being processed by the so-called Army Case, to have them as non-commissioned officials of the Military School.

In these cases, both defense ministers, Alberto Espina and the Chilean army chief, Ricardo Martínez, were called upon to give explications to the defense committees, both of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate.

The military vote has been in recent years in # 39; In recent years, various cases of fraud have been found to have found sinners guilty of these allegations.

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