Thursday , June 24 2021

Not enough food businesses reduce the expectation of life: doctors

Daughters of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) warned of the consequences of food-eating habits, for the living conditions of & # 39; e physicality expires between 10 and 15 years.

The director of the Unit of Family Medicine (UMF) number 39 of the IMSS in Tecate, Ramón Rojo López, said that this comparison is related to what is adequate weight.

He explained that obesity means a need for fat in the body, while obesity refers to addiction and is a consequence of mucus mass, bones, fat and / or water, however he indicates that both are understandings that a person waits more in relationship to its size.

Irritation comes as a result of the higher calorie security that must be consumed, so Rojo López explained that this condition comes mainly from a wrong and divided diet.

Therefore, he indicated that whole doses are closely associated with chronic-degenerative disease, such as diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis, cardiovascular and oncological diseases, including strokes, arthritis and grandmothers.

As a result, he had to stimulate the beneficiaries and the population in general to maintain their diet or habits as a kind of diet so that it was complete, balanced, sufficient and varied, and at least 30 minutes of daily exercise in fun living.

He highlighted the importance of each of & # 39; meal, including food & # 39; e three groups of the so-called good food ship.

Rojo López has thought that every one of the food foods has a certain colonies that help the body to generate enough energy to carry out all kinds of activities.

Originated foods, which they've invented, now have useful information that can help you know how many calories per package and per service.

He asked the right-holder to come up with the prevenimss modules, so the specialists design their feed program according to the activities they perform and remove the calories that the organism does not need.

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