Monday , November 29 2021

Nicolás López's Liberal Declaration: Defensor gives "evidence of innocence"


One extensive explanation will deliver this Thursday film maker Nicolás López (35) in the Eastern Metropolitan Prosecutor Office In a survey for assessments that a group of actresses and models cared for him for sexual abuse.

The director of success as well "What a shame your life", "no filter" or "I'm not mad" At 8 o'clock came in the morning at the offices of the Public Ministry, accompanied by hisbogado defender Paulina Vial, for the election of the case, Francisco Lanas and Lorena Parra.

To & # 39; s end of & # 39; The busy, shortly before 14:00, the lawyer Vial presented the president "Thousands of whatsapp and text messages and other evidence that we take into account is what we have and that is the complete innocence of" facts "that they have pointed out.

"We trust and hope that justice affects all the elements of evidence that we have accompanied to discuss Nicolás López's innocence about sexual assault objections, "he said.

The case is on June 30, when eight women, including actors and models, announced on Saturday, out Mercury, situations of occupational health and sexual abuse involve the movie maker. On July 3, the cadoot system started an investigation that was still being processed.

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