Monday , September 21 2020
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New Womens campaign is hosting the clock to other operators


In the context of discussion by the spectrum.

We have a new and wonderful Wom campaign, similar to Director Entel, Movistar and Claro to compare with the character "Kiko" of Chavo del 8.

This is all in full discussion of the problem of returning the radios spectrum by the three major operators.

The problem is long and this campaign, although the subject matter may be, is just the possibility of attaching to an initiative and combating the Telecommunications Undersecretariat for many months.

It's the title "I ask Lo Justo" and complains "asking a pleasurable competition with 5G for all," which is a lot of troubles in which they have no access to the network, but the development of this technology in the country, its performance is just in boys'.

The other operators won the tender in time, but Subtel says they have made it a "no no" and therefore it is frozen.

Our position is that of moderation, both sides have the reason, but the possibility that the state of the form could make the earth more foreign players to come in as an operator, such as China Telecom , more often. , but we try, they are only suggested.

Justice will endeavor to determine whether the operators keep their spectrum or if it is again in the & nbsp; Subtel's hands remain. Who does not have much arrow here to play, but they can generate everybody and controversy.

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