Friday , April 23 2021

New modern entomology laboratory in & # 39; Human beings

New Modern Entomology Laboratory in & # 39; s Other

With an investment of 1.5 million Cordoba, the government has taken up a modern laboratory on Tuesday, which will be ready for diagnosis of a vector illness in 24 hours.

Dr. Raúl Úbeda, responsible for Epidemiology of Silais, explained that the research and diagnostic center will be to address and alleviate the problems for dengue, chikungunya, zika, leptospirosis and even samples for HIV treatment.

The laboratory has to deal with related to entomology and parasitology that will serve the assay to try, for example, if the patient is affected by malaria.

He pointed out that the entomology mosque and its species differentiation study, for example, the mosquitoes dying on a mountain mark.

The inception that kicking disease or Chagas is getting, that is the lack or vinchuca, is also being studied.

"These are the main features that have our laboratory and that will increase the ones that have the national laboratory and it helps us to make an opportune diagnosis for our population, such as Silais Managua," the doctor.

"All patients who have chosen to suffer from one of the illnesses I mentioned, will have the diagnosis within 24 hours," said the doctor. healthcare network makes more than 24 hospitals and thanks "to the support of the empire, we have received this regional laboratory for the first time."

The new laboratory will have the capacity to peruse 50 samples.

The laboratory will work for 9 hours a day and in need situations for serious cases "we have a coordination with the National Reference Diagnostic Center that replaces the problems as a result of patients who have a serious illness".

He stated that the funding of 1.5 million cordobas was what was designated to increase the infrastructure of the research center. At any instrument and equipment, the health ministry contributed over $ 100,000.

The laboratory will work in the serology part with two bioanalysts who are represented in this specialty and in the part of the malaria laboratory (entomology) in a biologist, two bioanalysts, a technologist in bioanalysis and two techniques. entomology work.

Bismarck Vallecillo, head of the ETV program (Vital Transissian Diseases) of Silais Managua, said families should be getting faster and problems from one health unit and hospitals be read immediately.

For reading problems, "we don't have the conditions or an adequate laboratory or capacity, but now it will be done in less time and the staff has already been trained to give the quick answer." ".

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