Sunday , May 16 2021

New electric bus has not yet made a first trip and has been sketched

An electric bus travels to 5 municipalities, lines were divided into parts of the municipality of Maipu before making their first trip.

They came to Chile for two weeks ago and still none of them was. But they were already attacked by unknown people, which totally painted one of modern public transport units in South America, which resulted in operations in & nbsp; start a capital.

The incident fell on Friday at one of # Terminals in # 39; the municipality of Maipu, reports the Aton office. There are 100 buses that operate Metbus and that the beginning of the electric corridor on Grecia Avenue will wait, where they will come to three municipalities in # 39; the Metropolitan Region, which should form in the middle of this month.

Currently no reviews have been recorded. The government has classified the paintings, graffiti or scratches, which are not authorized in realizing public and private laws, or "incivilities". This latest episode is expected to happen with the double dice bus that last week tested in Santiago's streets and was also attacked.

The good news is that the bus was repeated, probably that these machines are not just climate, universal accessibility, and friendly to the environment, not without pollution or sound, but can also be made easy.

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