Tuesday , May 11 2021

Netflix takes advantage of a network boom to report Stranger's release date

Image: Netflix
  • Stranger Things had 15.8 million only in the first episode of Season Two on & # 39; the third day of his release.

  • For Stranger Things debuted in the Netflix platform in 2016, the series became a feature.

  • It was in October of last year when Netflix launched the second season of Stranger Things.

Today was the semi final between America and Pumas, two of the largest of Mexico's football.

Media attention and social networks were the meeting, especially around – with 20.9 percent – the Eagles had the second position in terms of followers in Mexico's football, only by Chivas del Guadalajara.

Pumas has 9.7% of preference, followed by Cruz Azul, scoring 8.8 percent as the fourth team with the highest national battle.

But, Netflix He considered this momentous and appropriate to create one of his normal advertisement ads.

From the official Twitter account of the plot, they took this Sunday to discover the new season of Stranger Things in 2019.

Season 3 of the series Netflix means a new possibility for reproductions with a guaranteed content.

Stranger Things had 15.8 million viewers only in the first episode of Season Two on & # 39; the third day of publication, according to the figures of Nielsen. It's one of the most successful rows at the moment.

But what's in the move is that the attention keeps track of the Pumas and America match, even on Sunday it's just about seeing the HT # MasterChefMx in & # 39; The trends and this time it was not.

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