Tuesday , June 6 2023

NBA: Golden State Warriors scandal nearly eliminated Kevin Durant.


All wrong Golden State Warriors, The current NBA basketball champion, all-powerful team has won three of the final four championships of the best basketball on the planet that seems invincible.

Everything was released on Monday. Draymond Green and Kevin Durant fought just before the end of the game against the Los Angeles Clippers., He imposed a fine of $ 120,480 and a fine.

there, Green attempted an aggressive rebound and did not give Durant a shot., A discussion that tracks the banks that have received answers in difficult words and separated their peers.

On returning to the scene after the timeout, Durant shouted to André Iguodala. "That's why I go out" ("That's why I left the team")All kinds of rumors What will happen to KD at the end of the season?

In the US, Golden State athletes "There is no way Durant can go on next season with all that happened." There is also a story that Warriors can leave the team if he tries to renew Durant. That's why he was acknowledged. That's why the same voice "Kevin can feel the support of the team and say he saved you from Draymond after his contract, and we want to support you now and refresh you."

Meanwhile, another star Stephen Curry He downplayed what happened when he said: "Everything is good here, no problem."Like a coach Steve KerrI tried to avoid the problem.

Durant defeats the Atlanta Hawks Tuesday without a green or wounded curry and unfolds a mystery "I will keep all this in the locker room. I understand that they do things, but I can not start anybody, we keep playing games and playing games."

In a champion everything is not good.

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