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Nasal steam station, sneezing and cough, signs of allergic rhinitis and / or autumn allergy

Posted 10/12/2014 13:45:00CET

MADRID, December 10 (EUROPE PRESS) –

National stomachs, sneezes and coughs are very great symptoms in cold months, usually associated with colds or fluids, however, according to messages from & # 39; The Alliance Service of the Vithas Xanit International Hospital, these symptoms are also common for allergic rhinitis or autumnal allergies that have influenced influences on millions of people in Spain every year.

In many cases, patients "feel they have always cold, or have a lot of cold", after making a detailed clinical history and skin screening tests for allergy, "many discover that their symptoms are poor, or viral catarrhs, "or not as a rhinitis and / or allergic asthma, which" develops with symptoms that are common to these pearls and therefore they have patients ", the head of Allergy Service by Vithas Xanit, Clara Isabel Pérez Padilla.

Allergic rhinitis in the autumn can be made especially by three different allergens, pollen, fungi and moles, the most common one coming by windmills, and the most common allergens at this time of the year.

In this line warns the specialist of the interest of a specialist to avoid constant symptoms of skin, neck and nasal disruption. "It's usually the patient to even meditate thinking that it is a common cold," so the illness is not well diagnosed, "It has an impact on the viability of a patient," said the doctor.

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