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NASA scientist shows how unhappy slow is the speed of light in three videos

Scientist James O & # 39; Donogue made several videos to show that in comparison to the magnitude of the universe, light speed is not the big deal.

To & # 39; go to school and see our first physics class, we learn that speed is at light 300,000 kilometers per second in a vacuum In that time we also learned that in no theory there is no object that can overcome that speed. The fact that it is too convincing, at least until now, is unreliable beyond science fiction.

Therefore, it would be true if someone told us that the speed of light is not really so fast. After all, what could be related to so that the light was as long as possible? Perhaps, a NASA scientist answers.

James & # 39; Donogue is a planetarium scientist who works at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. One of his last projects is to calculate and explain by various theatrical animations about the solar system. While these are a group of three videos that show how long it takes the light to travel through designated distances in space.

One of the animations is about the earth, another from & # 39; Earth until the month and last travels from Earth to Mars. The result is impressive because travel days are destroyed.

The earthwind grows

The Ecuador of our planet only measures less than 40,000 kilometers. This is not much for the speed of light, to & # 39; t his photons 7.5 times in & # 39; head of & # 39; beat the world in one second. Maybe in this case they look fast.

From Earth to the Moon

Between the earth and its satellite is an average distance of 384,400 kilometers. In this distance to the light, it does not cost much to travel, to do just that 1.255 seconds.

From Earth to Mars

However, there is already a noticeable difference here. In & # 39; the closest approach that has Earth & Mars, the two planets are at a distance of 54.6 million miles. This translates into a commitment of about 3 minutes and seconds. In total, on a round trip, the journey takes 6 minutes and four seconds.

Besides, it's smarter …

From that point on, the scales are too frustrated. For example, the distance from the sun to the earth is 149.6 million kilometers, causing the light to be approximately 8 minutes and 19 seconds.

Worse is when we check the average distance from a sun to Pluto, which is nearly 6 billion kilometers. Looking further, the exoplanet is close to our 4.2 light years of ours.

In the end, even in the case of reaching the speed of light, it would be humanity to know the whole space outside of the solar system.

NASA scientist shows how unhappy slow is the speed of light in three videos

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