Thursday , June 24 2021

Motorola Moto G7 Power is filtered into real images

One of & # 39; members of & # 39; a Moto G7 family returns to keep the last ones. In this case we talk about it Moto G7 Power, it says first in real images.

Thanks to the prisoners – we leave them at one side post – We can see the design and the most important technical specifications. Nevertheless, the source gives us what the last price is in response, that is, in the Brazilian currency. Note that Motorola will announce the seventh generation of its mid-range family in that country in the short time.

This is (or may be) the Moto G7 Power

The design fits perfectly with previous designs. We have a 6.2 inch screen with HD + resolution and with a technology that runs on it Max Vision Fabric.

The battery is 5,000 mAh, as it seems a few moments. The main camera has a single 12MP lens with LED flash and the free is 8MP.

The processor is eight-core at 1.8GHz. Which causes this photo to indicate that it is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 632, but we need to remember & # 39; one end of & # 39; In recent years we see it with the Snapdragon 625. Therefore, this item is not yet completely accurate.

The sticker at the front of the screen indicates 3 GB of RAM. The filter feeds cause this device to have 32 GB of internal storage. In addition, there will be several special options, so we have different options.

We have almost no customization. Previously characteristic of the teams of the brand.

We know the version of Android that does that device of illustrations.

From behind we see a continuity aspect. Your color is in Navy blue that lights. In & # 39; the round of & # 39; a Motorola logo is "hidden" a fingerprint reader.

The price of this Moto G7 Power would be 1,399 reais, which is also about $ 370. What is striking is that it seems to be a true value, and even is bigger than the 209 euros that we & # 39; re first in.

Everyone, It is expected that on February 7, the company will hold a private event in Brazil and officially announce all members of the Moto G7 series. There we will look and we will all know real details.

Source: Gizmochina

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