Friday , April 23 2021

Miyazaki watches a possible Demon's Souls Remastered, although it doesn't matter what I am interested in

For Dark Souls is a seat under the ARPGs, from software has already passed us the dancesiest of epic fantasy. Demon's Souls. For many, the room from "Souls saga" has, for others, a title that has succeeded – and falls – through the special trilogy.

However, when we consider that Dark Souls 3 was the pinnacle of its own saga, and failing to see how the first delivery came back as a remaster, there is the possibility of returning from Demon Souls for current systems? The quick answer is not a lot of consent: their creator does not oppose it.

Software is currently being dumped into the development of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, a very different rhythm and game system proposal that makes its own contribution Hidetaka Miyazaki. As a result, the Game Informer had the opportunity to choose a remaster of his first game: his own Demon's Souls

[Demon’s] It was the first action and fantasy game I created or managed. I have good memories, but I'm certainly not in a position to say it's elevated.

In essence, the creator means that the Souls saga states that this attacking remaster is possible, though it does occur It's not what he's personally interested in. And give you reasons.

It's like when you're writing, if you're younger and you see [a tu trabajo anterior] and you think "Oh my God, what did I think?" It's not that I am spoiled, I just don't want to see my earlier works.

In fact, Miyazaki is not against the idea of ​​a remaster, but although the decision will not only be in his hands, since Sony & # 39; s attendance is not optional: If you see below, try the Japan Studio, next to From Software itself, the third or the project.

Messages to speculate, What if the star paragraph were? If this possibility arises, Miyazaki would have no problem with his game having the hands of a third studio for as long as it was right.

If it were a study that really loves the original works and your heart and soul really do, that's what you enjoy. But it's really complicated because I have these good memories.

Thinking of the idea of ​​a remaster, my dumb follows with a butterfly and makes me a little nervous, so it's complicated. But I understand that there are many players and fans who want a demon. So if that's what is going on with a study that's original work, then I can accept it.

The Dark Souls remaster was again developed by Poland via QLOC. Who, on the way, are at the time Mortal Kombat 11 brings to PC.

Demon's Souls Maybe it was not with the same intensity to light Dark Souls Whether Bloodborne, but its formula, pressing and obligatory controls, would make a fascinating millions of players. And look, your online servers have lasted about ten years. Not bad

Enough to give this nightmare a new chance?

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