Tuesday , May 30 2023

Mapuche Organization, Araucanía Sur Health Service Counter National for Poor Administrative Management


Nueva Imperial Aboriginal Association It was heavily managed by Araucanía Sur Health Service, They were convinced that they had taken away the space they used to practice the medicine in three years ago.

Since 2015, they say that the city's Intercultural Hospital was not able to resume the administration of this space dating back to the beginning of this year, with the opening of the year.

Daniel Melillán, president of the association, created for the use of Mapuche drugs, Approximately 1,500 patients were treated in the monthly coverage area, Currently, its operation is maintained under basic conditions.

Melillán initially talked about temporary intervention in the administration of the Araucanía Sur Health Service for this space, but added that the situation has not changed so far.


Doralisa Millalén, a member of the Mapuche organization, also pointed out: The space they created themselves was taken from them. He added that health services did not intervene properly to resume the agreements they maintain.


These complaints are supported by René Manuel García, National Renewal's deputy. René Manuel García was convinced that these facilities presented a real alternative for people who needed Mapuche medication.


The Aboriginal Association condemned the supervision of the Mapuche treatment protocol, while the Araucanía Sur Health Service, There is no relevance to managing this space.

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