Tuesday , January 31 2023

Maori All Blacks arrived in Chile and received a traditional Manu Cheeri welcome.


With a three-hour delay, Maori All Blacks arrived from Brazil, a New Zealand team to test a Chilean rugby team. A touching welcome from members of the Mapuche community at Santiago Airport awaited them.

José Hueche Carcaman, LLUG KYM HUE HUARRIA from Mapuche Association's Lonko La Florida received a message from Mapundungnn. The Komonero, in traditional costumes, asked their ancestors' souls Wenu Fucha and Wenu Kuche to empower him and visit a good country.

President Jorge Araya Chile rugby also attended. Sports Loan, Kael Becerra; And New Zealand Ambassador to New Zealand Jaqui Caine.

Mapuches played kultrun, ñorkiñ and pifilkas instruments in typical costumes. The remaining males each had a Weño (wooden stick similar to a hockey stick). After the word was over, the group made a call of power called Afafán or Kefafan. After screaming, the Mapuche group approached the Maori team and greeted each member one by one.

The Condor and Maori All Blacks play at 4 pm on Saturday at 17:00 at the San Carlos de Apoquido Stadium.

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