Saturday , December 4 2021

Latinoamerica will be the cornerstone of the mixed wall of Wall Street on the pavement


Bogotá, Nov. 22 (EFE) .- Las bolsas de América Latina navegaron solas said the festival of Gracias has begun to vibrate the Wall Street camp, and is decanted by the mixed mixtures.

The activity of the corneal neoyorquino will be a great event, animated by the consumer consumers as a "Black Friday" or Lunar Negro, which has been impacted more than ever, to Nasdaq, technical references.

Wall Street will be fourteen years in its opening the impact of Donald Trump declarations, according to China's "much" hacking "unturned" to resolve the commercial problems with the United States.

The previous statements and the sentence will have a positive impact on the mercados.

The latino-american mayor, São Paulo, has a positive impact on the state of affluence, whose value is 87.477 pounds, with an interest of 0.24%, impetus to the economic nominee Rubem Novaes as the new president Banco do Brasil.

The volume of business in the Puerto Rican residential area has reached 6,871 millions of real estate (1,805 millions of dollars).

In addition, Buenos Aires has a positive effect on the investment in Merval, a total of 0.04% to reach 30,274,51 pounds, such as operating costs of 119.83 million Argentine pies ($ 3.28 million) ).

At a 0.45% increase, the experience of S & P / BVL Peru General of the State of Lima has reached a total of 19,219.92, taking a turnaround of 9,844,760 operations (equivalent to 2,916. 102 dólares).

The World Bonus Globes in Montevideo's Big Cloud rates in 102.51 business trips amounted to 0.15%, followed by reports of 18,268,657 Uruguayan pounds (only 562,128 dollars).

The cost of the monetary life of the IPC of Mexico, which is 41.271,12% of the total interest rate of 0.55%, was a junk in the transaction of 3,407 millions of Mexican pesos (167 , 7 millones de dólares).

It was reported that a jubilee was held in Santiago, where IPSA indicates a 0.18 percentage point in the amount of 5,119.30 dollars, a jornada in which to negotiate tweets in 32.212.575.530 pesos chilenos (only 48 , 15 millones de dólares).

The references to the Bolsheviks in Colombia, in which there is a transaction fluctuation of 17,781 millions of Colombian pesos (5,5 millones de dollars), we have a moderate amount of 0.14%, as they say It has appeared in 1,388,30 unidades.

La evolución de las bolsas latinoamericanas fue la siguiente:

Mercado Cierre Puntos

SAO PAULO +0.24% 87.477

MÉXICO -0.55% 41.271,12

BUENOS AIRES +0.04% 30.274.51

SANTIAGO -0.18% 5.119.30

COLOMBIA -0.14% 1.388,30

LIMA +0.45% 19.219.92

MONTEVIDEO +0.15% 102.51

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